What makes users migrate from their current launchpads to Vulture Peak?

IDOs on Vulture Peak will be open to all, requires no staking or no locking of tokens. If you come in early and participate, you will be whitelisted and will have a guaranteed allocation. The overall process is simple and straightforward. Our vision is to empower everyone with investing power, so the entry barrier is kept very minimum to encourage more people to participate. The holders of the $VPK tokens will also be incentivized over time with our profit-sharing mechanism. The $VPK token is deflationary and it will help in appreciating the price of tokens in the long run.
We are also planning on gamification of Vulture Peak platform and explore into DeFi, NFTs and others. Further, we have plans to collaborate with other metaverse projects to incorporate Vultureverse. Vulture Peak will continuously innovate and bring in new ideas to provide better services to its community and its projects.